Ahhhh, relaxation!
The best reflexology massage I've had in US!  It's 1st floor, plaza across from Sinh Sinh.  $20 per hour - separated into 2 per room.
Very professional.  Spouse had the female masseur, I had the male masseur.  Spa music plays overhead (no singing).  Comfortable chairs.
I felt very relaxed.  Started with head, scalp, forehead, then upper back, arms, feet and below knees (we soaked our feet with warm water), then finished with back massage.
It feels like a combination of osteopathic manipulation, reflexology, and Swedish massage.
I definitely will be back!  Bring a friend!  I gave them $50 cash for both of us, they gave us back $10 and I tried to tell them it was tip.  They finally understood!



Georgia S.









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Welcome to Chi Massage, we provide Body and Food Massage, Please call to schedule an appointment, Walk ins are also welcome.

Chi massage can be defined as systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining health  ,It has been shown beneficial to reduce stress ,enhance blood circulation decrease pain ,promote sleep ,reduce swelling , enhance  relaxation ,and increase oxygen capacity of the blood. Increasing neuromuscular function, and enhancing immune function.