• This has got to be the best massage place in china town off Bellaire.  They do a one hour foot massage for 20 dollars.  This includes a face rub, scalp massage, feet soaking in warm water, foot reflexology and a back massage while listening to soothing music.  The staff are very professional, and if they speak to each other they are quiet so as not to disturb the patrons.  The chairs are so much more comfortable than the other massage places I have been to!  We loved it so much that we prepaid for five additional massages, and we got a sixth one for free.  If you prepay for the massages they each cost  16 dollars before tip.  After our first time here on a Saturday we came back the next day on a Sunday for a one and a half hour massage instead of a one hour massage.  They have private rooms for all the couples who come in for a massage.  The experience was very pleasant, relaxing, and elightening.

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    Robert A.








    9889 Bellaire Blvd C-#316

             Houston TX 77036

             Ph :713 271-0168